Music sheet / Partition : Sonatina for tuba and piano by richard e brown

Grade 4 - Duration 7:45 1. Allegro - sonata allegro - C minor 2. Andantino - chaconne - E-flat major 3. Allegro con brio - abridged sonata-rondo - C minor This piece is one of a series of 13 sonatinas for wind instruments and piano. These sonatinas all are in traditional style and, as the name would suggest, closely follow sonata form on a somewhat smaller scale. But that only refers to length, not difficulty level. They are not beginner material, all being in the grade 4 - 5 range of difficulty.

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Richard Brown Sonatina Tuba Piano
About Composition…
As title indicates, Sonatina Tuba Piano closely follows sonata form asomewhat smaller scale. first movement, Allegro, fairly strict sonata-allegro minor. Andantino second movement chaconne E-flat major, relativemajor minor. finale, Allegro brio, abridged sonata-rondo homekey minor. Grade Duration: 7:45
About Composer…
Richard Brown been active composer-arranger music educator many
years. training includes degrees composition from Florida StateUniversity, well music education from Central College, which namedhim Distinguished Alumnus 1983. principal composition studies were withCarlisle Floyd, John Boda, Charles Carter. member ASCAP, representedin catalogs several publishers.
His output includes numerous works concert band orchestra, instrumental solosand ensembles, church music, piano solos, scores ballet, opera, musical theater.Having taught public schools Iowa, Texas, Mexico, Oregon, Washington,Dr. Brown lives Puget Sound area, where composer-in-residence with theShoreline Concert Band. Retired from teaching, often found mountainsindulging other passions, hiking climbing.

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